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Orange arrow Just a question one of my staff members said she had the best iced coffee she had ever tasted and it was made using DaVinci Frappease Base. What is this and how does it work?

  That is likely to be the Iced Espresso Frappe, the DaVinci Gourmet Frappease is a neutral base that can be used in many drinks, it creates a creamy texture to the drink.Here is an Iced Espresso Frappe recipe.Instructions : To make a 480ml beverage you firstly need to place 1 x 480ml cup of ice in ...
Orange arrow How do I make a DaVinci Gourmet Flavoured Frappe?

  For a 480ml (16oz) drink;Put a 120ml of water in a blenderAdd two level scoops of frappease powderAdd 60ml of DaVinci Syrup or Fudge Sauce - any flavour you likeAdd a shot of espreso (optional)Fill cup with areated ice and add to blenderPut top on blender, blend until smooth about 30 secondsPour an...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla Syrup?

  French Vanilla flavoured syrup from DaVinci Gourmet has a creamy, rich, custard-like essence of the ice cream and is perfect way to give your favourite drink that perfect, vanilla-y flavor. Made with pure cane sugar. Vanilla flavoured syrup from DaVinci Gourmet contains the pure flavor of extract...
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Orange arrow Can I use DaVinci Liquid Frappe Choice in a Slushie Machine with a Smoothie Mix?

  Firstly - It's a neutral base - so it's essentially flavourless and adds texture/mouthfeel to the drink and also holds the drink together longer, so doesn't seperate quickly. As for using it in a Slushie machine – it will depend on what products they are using because of the sugar levels etc...
Orange arrow How many mls per serve for DaVinci Syrups?

  15mls per serve/approx 3 teaspoons (50 serves per 750ml bottle) for standard coffee so make sure you work out your cost per serve, as some 750ml bottles may seem cheaper however they are usually 30mls per serve. Remember DaVinci Syrups are designed for Hot and Cold beverages....
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Orange arrow How to make a Chocolate Raspberry Mousse with DaVinci Gourmet Raspberry Classic Syrup?

  Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Chocolate & raspberry are a classic combination of flavours using the DaVinci Gourmet Classic Raspberry Syrup. Ingredients 1/4 Cup DaVinci Gourmet Raspberry Classic Syrup 2 eggs, separated 120 g semi-sweet chocolate, melted 1 Cup heavy cream Directions Finely ch...

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